Lenders Engineers

Lenders Engineers

Helping developers delivery projects accurately and on time.


The Lenders Engineers (LE) is a representative of lending institutions such as banks and NBFCs.

  • Function

      To audit projects from a technical standpoint.

      To identify, mitigate and hedge the lending institution's risks with regards to the technical aspects of construction.

      To do a detailed review of projects, based on the correct information and reviews of construction risks.

  • Key risks in projects

      The developer's potential inability to service the debt.

      The potential use of the funds for purposes other than what they were allocated for.

      Construction progress not keeping pace with disbursement.

Benefits to Developers

Lenders Engineers inputs can help developers to present a more accurate and convincing picture of the projects progress at construction control meetings.

Lenders Engineers inputs can help developers to ensure risks like labour availability, uncovered project costs, overall specification compliance and normal project costs can be identified in time for more efficient project development.

These inputs can have a significant impact on social factors like environmental, health and safety practices for which an impartial guidance is required on these concerns.

Lenders Engineers inputs help developers to reduce project failures due to various reasons as listed below.


      • Conflict among the various project participants.
      • The project manager's lack of information or knowledge.
      • Indecisiveness among project participants on key decisions.


Project Site Visits

Review of technical document and store records at site

Review of various project documets

LE report submission to Lenders and Developer

Why TQ Services?

Ethics is our key quality.
Established testing, inspection and certification body of Tata Projects Quality Services business unit.
Proficient in the use of technology to be able to ensure sound risk management and progress mapping.
Translate technical information into inputs that are relevant to the financial participants in the project.
Expert insights on the availability and applicability of statutory approvals for a project.
Global exposure.
Consideration of the social aspects of construction - such as safety, health and environmental impact.

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