• Project Procurement constitutes the major cost in EPC projects. Tata Projects adds value to its customers by completing projects ahead of schedule with focus on cost competitiveness.

    It believes in win-win partnerships with its Vendors and Supplier Partners, building sustainable and long-term relationships for value creation in the supply chain process.

    True to its philosophy of ôSimplify. Create", Tata Projects constantly focuses on simplifying its processes from time to time and thus creates value for the stakeholders. The company recently revised and implemented its purchasing policies to ensure long term partnerships with vendors and reduced the ordering-to-payments cycle time.

    To fuel the company's ambitious growth plans, Tata Projects has identified the following as key focus areas in Supply Chain Management:

    • Global sourcing
    • Consolidation and aggregation of bulk commodity purchases

    Tata Projects expects its vendors to live up to the same standards of ethics and integrity which it practices. The company does everything to ensure that all transactions are characterized by a high level of trust, transparency and assurance.

    If the growth plan of Tata Projects excites you and you wish to be a partner in this journey, please register with us using the link

    We welcome your suggestions in further strengthening the relationship. Should you wish to communicate with us, please write to vrm@tataprojects.com