TATA Projects Launches India-Wide Green Thumb Initiative to Protect the Environment

JAIPUR and HYDERABAD, India, June 6, 2018:  On World Environment day, TATA Projects Limited has launched its nationwide ‘Green Thumb’ initiative from the banks of Dravyavati River at Jaipur. In this initiative, 137 project sites of TATA Projects, across the country will undertake simultaneous tree plantation drive. About 65,000 trees shall be planted under the Green Thumb initiative this year. The unique feature of the initiative is that the trees planted are attributed to ‘clicks’ that the ‘Green Thumb’ website receives for the cause of protecting the environment. Thus, one needs to log on to http://www.tplgreenthumb.com to participate in this initiative. When one clicks on the ‘Green Thumb’ banner on http://www.tplgreenthumb.com it shall be attributed to a tree that shall be planted. Clicks, exceeding 65,000 number, will be attributed to the cause of protecting the environment.

Dravyavati River is 47.5 km long rain-fed river, in the heart of Jaipur city, which had deteriorated into sewerage (Nallah). Jaipur Development Authority, along with TATA Projects, is rejuvenating this river by recharging it with treated sewerage water and has landscaped slopes on both its banks, along with parks and social spaces. This river has a special significance, as citizens and the authorities have come forward to jointly plant 18,000 trees on its banks.

Shri Lalit Sharma Chief Engineer JDA

L-R Brigadier Gajendra Nigam (Consultant), Mr. Colin Batchelor (Project Director – Dravyavati Project), Mr. AnoopDobriyal (RCM – Dravyavati Project) and Mr. Naresh Sharma (Head – Marketing Communication)

Media Contact:

Sandeep Menezes
Senior Manager – Marketing Communications
TATA Projects Ltd.

Naresh Sharma
Head Marketing Communications
TATA Projects Ltd.

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