Let’s continue to transform and evolve!

Let's continue to transform and evolve!

The one thing that has definitely changed is the awareness of the expansive world around us, available to us at our fingertips.

Let's continue to transform and evolve


Our ancestor.. the mighty “ape” was characterized by a hunched back, limited capability to interact, their world limited to their immediate surroundings, unaware of the world at large. They were restricted by a lot, but didn’t have a choice in most of those.  Cut to today, we are back to being hunched over (a phone or a laptop), reduced personal interactions (no time or don’t want to intrude), our world limited to the closest screen we find! The one thing that has definitely changed is the awareness of the expansive world around us, available to us at our fingertips.


However, we sometimes confuse awareness and experience. I have always read in great detail about and even seen various videos before i go to any location but NOTHING compared to the feeling of awe and wonder when I stood in front of the Taj Mahal, amidst the ruins of the Greek Acropolis, under the Eiffel tower, outside the Roman Coloseum, at the edge of the US Grand Canyon, amongst the animals and under the stars at Kruger national park… or in more recent times, at the projects which we have constructed at Tata Projects – the pride I felt on top of the MTHL bridge, in front of the Parliament, in the middle of the high end manufacturing facility we are building for Micron, on the endless highway at Noida International Airport, in the huge tunnel boring machine digging for the Chennai Metro, at the breathtaking beauty of the solar panels at the lake in Ramagundam, at the best view of the city from a remote Transmission tower we built in the Khargarh Vikhroli belt.. and the list goes on.


In the construction industry, as we all strive to move to a digital age of online reviews, drones, multi-D visuals,  analytics, what if scenarios, data control towers… let’s not forget the importance of being AT the project site, with the people who are building it, seeing and experiencing the complexity and practical risks and more importantly the opportunities. It’s only being present that we can get into the details, and really understand the project and the teams behind it.



At a project visit, someone suggested I could consider getting a big picture view from a view point rather than take the effort of stomping through the messy construction site in detail.. I didnt even consider this question worth a thought. Ofcourse I want to see how its built, of course I was to go all the way inside the Tunnel boring machine and see how it functions, to go below the tracks and see where the coal dumper dumps the coal, to do a complete walkthrough to comment on the minutest of changes, of course I want to sit with the technician at the screen and see how the equipment is controlled, to know every single detail about how the engineering works, how we build and create a nation!


Because nothing in this world gives me more learning than seeing and experiencing it and talking with the people who are working on the field. Two years back, I saw myself as a CA-MBA in an engineering and projects world. Today I am thrilled to be able to understand the intricacies of the planning and the engineering behind the things we build, how we overcame our challenges and created opportunities and am proud to identify as a projects person, who also has a deep understanding of strategy and finance! I am also happy that every time I visit a project, I continue to be curious as ever and to learn something new!


Make no mistake.. I am a supremely strong (probably too strong) supporter of the digitalization and AI reality that is changing our world every day. It helps us combine our human experience with machine learning, big data and deep analytics capabilities – providing us with an unparallelled opportunity to free up our amazing brain capacities for higher quality of work.


Let’s not get blind-sided by it though, let’s use this awesome technology the right way, let’s see the data behind the graph, the people behind the projects, the foundation beneath the fancy buildings, let’s look up from our screens, let’s be present, let’s just remember not to knowingly to go back to being our ancestors!


Let’s continue to transform and evolve!


Ms Apeksha Balan,
Head Transformation,
Tata Projects Limited
Simplify. Create.

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