Corporate Social Responsibility

Enabling Communities Towards Self-reliance

Tata Projects Limited aims to be a responsible and proactive entity collaborating with stakeholders to encourage social transformation in the identified areas and communities through various participatory initiatives strategically built to last.


To work with identified communities on four focus areas viz., (i) Education (ii) Health and Hygiene (iii) Skill Building & Livelihood and (iv) Water. These four focus areas would aim at addressing the key social challenges to enable positive and sustainable change in the lives of key communities.


“To improve the quality of lives of the community in the select geographies with focus on youth, women, children and the affirmative action community”.

Focus Areas:

Sustainable Development Goals

1. Skill Development &
ecnomic growth 1
ecnomic growth 2
2. Education
Quality Education
Quality Education 1
3. Water
Clean Water
Clean Water 1
4. Health & Hygiene
Good Health
ecnomic growth 1
Gender Equality

Affirmative Action

“Tata Group has had a century-long history in promoting community development initiatives and it strives to ensure opportunities and equity for socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society in the country at large, and specifically the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes communities, Women from marginalised sections of the society and People with disabilities.”


Affirmative Action is a cross cutting agenda in all initiatives undertaken by TPL CSR. In all our partnerships with agencies, to roll out the CSR initiatives, we cascade the AA approach by including at least 45% of beneficiaries from AA communities

Become A Volunteer

At Tata Projects, we have a unique way of building stronger connections with our communities and giving back to society through volunteering. Various volunteering activities are provided to current and retired TPL employees and their family members to give their time and skills to causes that they are passionate about.


With TPL’s workforce distributed among corporate offices and project sites our volunteering strategy focuses on conducting volunteering activities at both locations. While volunteering at corporate offices is anchored by the CSR team, volunteering at sites is anchored by the respective business HRs and implemented on ground by the site HRs.


TPL looks at providing flexible volunteering opportunities, allowing employees to volunteer during work hours or outside of work hours based on their availability in the mode that suits them best – online or physical. The same is done through Tata Group’s flagship volunteering programs – ProEngage, Tata Volunteering Week and volunteering during Disaster Response as well as through TPL’s own volunteering programs.


By leveraging the expertise of our employees for volunteering, we aim to create a more engaged workforce, support social causes, and positively impact the communities around us.

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Disaster Response

In recent years, the world has survived numerous disaster incidents with widespread effects for years and generations to come. In India alone, we have seen increased frequency in incidents of wildfires, floods, drought, cyclone, and heat waves affecting general course of living. Efforts are now being made at national as well as local levels to be prepared to respond to such situations with an aim to minimize the human, economic and environmental losses.

At Tata group, we have a legacy of responding to disaster situations aimed at supporting affected communities post disaster in relief, response, and rehabilitation phases. Our response is focused on ‘Build Back Better’ ensuring the affected families are rehabilitated with decent livelihoods. We have developed the Disaster Response Framework which considers different aspects of support needed and the skills, capacities and expertise available across companies and employees.

Following the group Disaster Response guidelines, Tata Projects Limited is dedicated towards enhancing the capacities of its employees to be equipped for the roles of Core Volunteers, Project Managers and Procurement Officers to work with the affected community.

TPL is also the lead technical company for the region of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where it contributes its resources and technical expertise in the disaster rescue and relief phase. To enable well-coordinated response, we conduct State Disaster Response Meetings ensuring participation from group companies and relevant government and non-government stakeholders. These meetings help to understand strengths of different entities and plan the response accordingly in case of need.


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