In a resource-scarce world that is becoming increasingly exposed to climate change, preservation of the environment is an imperative, and sustainability is the way forward for survival.


Climate change presents a growing threat to Indian businesses as human activities have warmed the planet by more than 1 degree C since the 19th century and temperatures in India rose by 0.5 degree C in 50 years alone.


The 2030 Water Resources Group, an international organisation, warns that India “faces a looming water crisis where demand is set to outstrip supply by 50% by 2030”. All these have happened because of usage of fossil fuel by the industries which is the major contributor to the energy dissipation in the environment and release of CO and water scarcity is 2 arising more out of mismanagement of available water and unplanned urbanisation.


Tata group companies have aligned their businesses with the goals of the Govt. of India towards climate related issues and joined hands with the government to combat climate change. Tata Projects has also focussed on how their businesses can support the country to achieve nation-building goals and to establish a sustainable economy.



Tata Projects is extending its footprint in various sectors like River Rejuvenation, FGDs for coal-based power plants, Bio Fuel Refineries, Coal bed Methane Extraction plants, VaccumGas Oil Hydrotreating Unit and delayed coker unit, waste treatment plants, Remote sensing RO plants etc. and we have built strong capabilities by our in-house design skills & state-of-the art solution techniques. We have partnered with different international technology providers for executing a no. of such projects.

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