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“Genuine upliftment, not generosity”
is our motto.

Education is most essential for the growth and development of the underprivileged communityand their children. TPCDT’s initiative in education aims to improve people’s lives byempowering them with quality education that is available to all and which helps themunderstand the world better and achieve their potential.

child growth and development in education

What did we do?

Created opportunities to support underprivileged children mentor the leaders of tomorrow so they can uplift their communities. Our initiatives in educational support focus on SC/ST students.

quality education

How did
we do it?

  • Adopting and supporting government schools
  • Supporting entire education of meritorious student
  • Coaching support through ‘Volunteer 2 Teach’ programme
  • Scholarships for all levels of education

How far have
we reached?

  • Madhya Pradesh: Jabalpur
  • Maharashtra: Nagpur
  • New Delhi: JJ Cluster
  • Tamil Nadu: Kudankulam
  • Telangana: Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Medak
quality education in India

What was
the impact?

  • 3,062 students benefited
  • 30 schools supported
  • 1743 students supported in the last 3 years
  • 64 meritorious students were provided resources for their entire education

Feel The Change

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