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Green Thumb

“Genuine upliftment, not generosity”
is our motto.

Rapid urbanisation has caused immense degradation in the environment. Being well-aware of the same, we set out with a humble objective - to conserve the environment. This paved way to the launch of the ‘Green Thumb Initiative’ - an idea to plant more trees and showcase them on digital platforms. You click. We plant.

green thumb initiative

What did we do?

Introduced the `Green Thumb initiative’ – an idea to plant more trees using the power of digital media. Gain support from people, we conduct a mega tree plantation drive in the name of our supporters.

mega tree plantation drives

How did
we do it?

  • Asked people to pledge to plant trees at Tata’s construction sites
  • Promoted the tree plantation drive via a campaign microsite and social media
  • Got covered by the media to increase awareness of the campaign
  • Employees volunteered to plant those trees
  • Organize a mega tree plantation drive

How far have we reached?

Planted 0.221 million trees in more than 100 project sites across India through our mega tree plantation drives
tree plantation drive

What was the impact?

  • Cumulative reach: 20.9 million
  • Participants: 1.005 million
  • Trees planted: 0.221 million

Feel The Change

mega tree plantation drive
tree plantation drive
green thumb initiative
mega tree plantation drive in India

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