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Smart Cities

Adding value to the project at every level through design optimization and value engineering.


Smart Cities are designed to make the residents' living experiences richer, lives more safe, secure and enjoyable. With the advent of Smart Cities in the country, Tata Projects Limited has taken the step to contribute to the society by addressing the most pressing needs and the opportunity to improve the quality of life. With this we aim to make the overall experience of urban and rural life more pleasant.

The business unit has a multi-skilled team possessing expertise in each of the respective sectors and is augmented by specialist partners to provide full range of services. Every project is evaluated on its respective complexity where the aim is to add value at every level of the project through design optimization and value engineering. It uses advanced project management techniques such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) throughout the construction phase of a project and executes the same with world class construction practices.

Smart City Components

Government Initiatives

The business unit is focused on participating at a national level in the forthcoming Smart Cities mission of the Government of India. We will play an essential part in designing and building the smart systems that will power our cities into the next century.

Enterprise Services

The business unit will address needs of Enterprises and Community organizations for public safety, sewage treatment, solid waste management, multi-modal transport, E-Governance and other smart city components.

E-Commerce Initiatives

E-Commerce Initiatives circle around the supply of smart building materials that are sourced globally at competitive prices with assured quality.

Community Special Services

Safe Schools

Given the fluid and borderless nature of crime and terror, we seek to holistically reassure parents and the community about the safety and security of our most valued assets - our children. The recent attacks in schools in Peshawar and across the world have shown, that our young are more at risk now than ever before. We have introduced the Safe School concept that involves securing school premises from terror attacks while protecting the children from other threats such as kidnapping, sexual assault and physical bullying.

Our solution involves complete Anti-Terror Fortification (ATF) of the school premises. This uses technology such as no shadow surveillance, intrusion-proof access control, facial recognition and video analytics to ensure that our children are not exposed to external or internal threats.

As part of our holistic approach we track the child from home to school and back. We also provide 'all weather wearable' that tracks the child even outside the school. A smartphone app and alerts keeps the parents constantly updated about their child's actions and immediately sends alerts in case of any exception events.

What sets us apart from other providers is our holistic approach, high technology, superior quality and our payment plan which allows a school to pay per child per month.

Safe Hospitals

Hospitals are transforming from a place where people dread to go, to places where people go proactively to achieve better health and wellness. Part of the credentials of a ‘great hospital’ is the patient experience. It is a component that defines how easily and efficiently an in-patient or out-patient completes his/her hospital journey.

We have a beacon-based, location-sensitive solution, tailor made for hospitals. Our solution builds a very easy-to-use app that helps patients make appointments and start their journey. They are tracked from the time they enter the hospital to the time they leave. With 3D navigation and other easy-to-use features, the journey time through the hospital system is dramatically reduced.

We also offer integration of mobile wallet so that payments can be done online with the click of a button. All patient records, test results and prescriptions are maintained in the app so that the patient can access them anytime. Doctors too benefit from this, as their queue management is automated, tests are ordered from the system, results are updated to the doctor's smartphone and all past patient history is tracked. We offer a state-of-the-art cloud-based management platform so that hospitals have a zero startup cost. Payment can also be structured monthly so that the cash flows are better managed. Staff and asset tracking is also provided as a standard feature.

Safe City

Pune Street Light Project is the first of its kind in India in the PPP mode. Tata Projects Ltd, being the winner of this project despite stiff competitions, is very much on track to complete the project as scheduled.

The project consists of design, build, finance, operate, maintain and transfer, implementation of high impact street lights by installing latest technology of energy efficiency, dimmable and non-dimmable LED street lights along with feeder basis SCADA system.

The advantage of using LED in street lights is that it consumes very less power as compared to the other sources of illumination, such as Halogen, Sodium Lights and Mercury Lights and generates maximum lumens per watts on power consumption. The power saved due to transition from a conventional source of street light to LED based street lights could be huge and can be utilized for industry and agriculture, which will provide a big boost to the growth in the GDP of our country.

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