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Our purpose is motivated by our vision. Every move we make is inspired and driven by the purpose to ‘care for every life’. We’re constantly seeking new and  innovative solutions to achieve that goal.

Financials & Filings

CP Payment Dec 2023
NCD Record Date Nov 2023
Record Date CP Nov 2023
CP Payment Nov 2023
Record Date CP Nov 2023

Subsidiaries Financial

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TP Luminaire Financials
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TCC Financials
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UPL Financials
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TQ Cert Financials
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TPL CIL LLP Financials

Investor Relations Contact

Bhaskar B S

Mr. Bhaskar B S,

Company Secretary
Deepak Natarajan

Mr. Deepak Natarajan,

Vice President

Mr. Balmukund Somani,

Assistant Vice President - Finance & Accounts

Debenture Trustee Details

Catalyst Trusteeship Limited

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Investor Relations

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