Under the focus area of Education, the holistic education program works towards enabling adolescents in selected districts to complete secondary education with high levels of life and employability skills. The programaims to do so by addressing the destabilizers and barriers which come in the way of the adolescent’s education and improving their learning levels.

The program focuses on equipping adolescents with the necessary skills and capacitating the ecosystem to provide an enabling environment for the adolescent to be able to pursue their education and build their aspirations so that they can chart out their career path and stay on it.

The main features of the program include the component of academic support through community learning centers, which aims at increasing the ability of the students to be at their respective grade levels and enable them to derive joy in learning and develop their interest and confidence in learning. Life Skills education component covers core skills recognized by the World Bank as being foundational to move out of poverty – Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Aspiration and work towards building their intent to learn, participate in school and future readiness of the adolescent.

The program engages with the community to create an enabling environment that ensures adolescents are supported in their education and career pathways. It focuses on strategic engagement with parents, guardians, School Management Committees, Teachers, Headmasters and Education authorities with a view to make them more aware of their roles and responsibilities, more sensitive to the needs of children and more responsible towards creating an enabling and supportive environment for education.
Sustainability is built by rooting the model in community ownership and system support.


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