Our benefits are designed to empower our employees to do their best work and to help our employees & their families live well. Learn how Tata Project cares, supports, and invests in our employees.

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At Tata Projects, we place a paramount focus on the well-being of our employees. We believe that investing in the holistic development of our workforce not only enhances individual lives but also drives collective success.
Physical Well-being
Our organization promotes physical wellness through initiatives such as fitness programs, health screenings, ergonomic workspaces, and healthy lifestyle education
Financial Well-being
We understand the importance of financial stability and security for our employees. Through various initiatives and resources, we aim to empower our employees with the knowledge and tools to manage their finances effectively
Mental Well-being
App based Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for employees, maintaining their privacy and building a supportive work environment.
Social Well-being
We recognize the importance of social connections and a sense of belonging in fostering well-being. We foster a supportive and inclusive workplace culture where employees feel valued, respected, and connected. Through team-building activities, community engagement initiatives, and employee resource groups, we create opportunities for meaningful social interactions and relationships.
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Supporting and investing in our employees
We focus on finding a perfect match between organisation and personal aspirations. We constantly step up to build an employee first culture, by developing an environment of trust, fairness, mutual respect, and personal growth.
At Tata Projects, you’ll take risks, push boundaries, and grow more than you thought possible. And you won’t be alone on that journey. We have something special here; we put our employees at the centre of everything we do, and we know that, what we offer is essential not only to your work but to your life too.

No questions asked: 2 days work from home for women employees.

With a focus on inclusion and providing the same facilities to all, we have health Insurance coverage for live-in partners of LGBTQ+ employees.

To ensure that time off work during important life events is balanced with career progression, the annual performance rating of women employees is protected during the performance cycles in which they have availed Maternity, Surrogacy, or Adoption Leaves.

Special provisions for travel and ensuring the safety of women colleagues working till late are in place to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

People Benefited in FY 23

Flexibility for our employees
We understand, the importance of moments and give time away to focus on the people who matter most with leave for new parents(including adoption & surrogacy), family caregiver leaves and creche facilities for children.We offer flexible work schedules, generous vacation, and holidays to spend with family or pursue interests outside of work.
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