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About Dravyavati River Project

River Rejuvenation
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Rapid urbanisation in the last 3-4 decades coupled with rampant encroachments in the river area and its catchment areas along with the dumping of sewage, industrial waste water and solid waste converted this once pristine flowing river to a Nallah.

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In the first-of-its-kind river rejuvenation activity, the Dravyavati River Project will oversee the amortisation of 170 MLD polluted water and have more than 100 fall structures constructed to turn this rain side river to a perennial river.

With more than 18,000 trees planted and 65,000 square meters green area developed under this project, the Dravyavati River bank will soon become a lure to the people seeking solitude or refreshment in the city.

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About Experience Centre


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The Experience Centre of the Dravyavati River Project gives citizens an opportunity to explore the past, present and the anticipated future of the Jaipur city. For us, the environment has always been at heart and thus, our major focus has been on:

  • - Reuse
  • - Recycle
  • - Revamp

Right at the entrance of the Experience Centre, is a beautiful tree that has been made from scrap material that were gathered while cleaning the nallah.

The centre is also equipped with a 3D printed city model map, a live aquarium and 3 exhibition centres.

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About Parks at Dravyavati


Alongside Dravyavati River, 3 different parks that spread over an area of 1,00,000 sq. m have been designed and developed.

  • - A Bird Park on Sikar Road, that sits upon the remnants of Ram Sagar Dam constructed in 1846 and was later breached by the floods - features a wetland, natural habitat for migratory and domestic birds, and a Heritage Waterworks Museum.
  • - A Landscape Park on Shipra Path has something for everybody – cycle tracks, walkways, yoga pavilion, viewing decks, sit outs, open air theatre and urban haat.
  • - A Botanical Garden on Tonk Road showcases more than 40,000 plants of over 1,000 different species.
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Sewage Treatment Plants


sewage treatment

Along the length of the river, five Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) have been developed that will collectively treat 170 MLD (Megalitres Per Day) of sewage per day and ensure the continuous flow of clean water into the river. Physical, chemical and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and produce treated wastewater that is safe for agricultural purposes and aquatic life. This will help prevent adverse diseases that earlier spread because of contaminated water and untreated sewage in the city. The five STPs are:

  • - Bassi Sitarampura : 20 MLD
  • - Devri : 15 MLD
  • - Sanganer : 100 MLD
  • - Bambala : 25 MLD
  • - Goner : 10 MLD
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We laid down a chance for all the visitors at the Dravyavati River to become a celebrity by clicking a selfie and posting it on our Facebook page. All the Jaipur. showed pride, posted their selfies and made the campaign extremely happening! Meet our celebrity participants -

Project overview

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47.5 kms
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65,000 sqm

Project overview


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    Transition Garden

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    Yoga Pavilion

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    Open Air Theatre

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    Urban Haat

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    Cycling Tracks

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    Viewing Decks

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    Aerobics Zone

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    Walking Trails

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    Food Kiosks &
    Drinking Water Kiosks

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TPL-SUCG Consortium

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Jaipur Development Authority has given a contract to a consortium of Tata Projects and Shanghai Urban Construction Group at a project cost of Rs. 1,676 crore to complete the Dravyavati River Project. The consortium will be responsible for the maintenance of this project for 10 years from its completion.

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