At Tata Projects we are not only aligned to India’s vision of sustainability and climate change but are also at the forefront of the massive global effort aimed at combating climate change and bringing about more environmentally responsible growth.

The Tata Sustainability Group (TSG) serves as a Centre of Excellence and nodal resource on sustainability for the Tata Group of companies. TSG embeds sustainability into our organisation’s strategies and transitions them to low-carbon business processes. Tata Projects is well aligned with the Group’s mandate to reduce India’s energy imports and enhance national self-reliance by repurposing waste and underutilised local renewable resources.

With Tata Group’s ‘Project Aalingana’, we are committed to our sustainability goals, embracing the Group’s vision for a greener, cleaner, and more equitable future. This project outlines Tata Group’s approach towards planet resilience, striving for Net Zero by 2045 and securing the future through innovative solutions.

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Sustainability Initiative 2023

Project Aalingana commits to embedding sustainability into business strategy by focusing on three interconnected pillars

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Our Roadmap In Line With The Tata Group’s Project Alingana

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Driving Net-Zero


25% Reduction In Absolute Carbon Emissions*


Net Zero Emissions Across The Group*

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Pioneering Circular Economies


More Than Double The Content Of Renewable Or Recycled Resources In Products*

*Over 2020 baseline


Replenish Freshwater & Zero Waste To Landfill*

*Freshwater target for India operations only


Replenish More Freshwater Than Consumed At Source

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Preserving Nature & Biodiversity


Action Plan For Next Positive Impact


Invest In Nature-Based Solutions (Nbs) Products In India


Group Is An Nbs Leader And Has Supported Nbs Market In India

Sustainability Statistics FY 23

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