Earth Day


On World Earth Day, we re-affirm our commitment to provide sustainability and environment stewardship.

Through our initiatives and conscious efforts, we strive to make a positive impact on the planet every day. Lets embrace the spirit of Earth day and move together towards a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability initiatives in numbers (FY2023)

  • 36,183 Saplings planted in FY 23 & over 4.5 lakhs saplings were planted in last few years at various projects under Green Thumb initiative.
  • 96% led lightings at sites and 100% led lightings at offices
  • 2,79,147 KL water saved through various initiatives
  • 5,068 GJ Renewable Energy consumed
Sustainability initiatives
Source of Water WithdrawalKL
Municipal Water for drinking1,46,136
Municipal Water for construction7,33,054
Tanker Water21,35,043
Ground Water (Bore well)20,02,560
Surface Water (External-pond / river)2,94,817
Purchased Drinking Water (RO water) – Third Party85,064
Rainwater Utilized (water consumed from RWH facility)- Surface Water3,837
Any Other0
Total Water Withdrawal54,00,511
Total Water Consumption42,47,603
Total Water Recycled2,46,845
Water Management - Tata Projects

Waste Management

Waste GeneratedIn MTs
Total solid waste generated19,181
Hazardous waste generated2,177
Non-hazardous waste generated18,135
Non-hazardous waste sent to landfill1,428
Total plastic waste generated38
Spent/ waste oil49

Waste disposal initiatives

  • Hazardous waste such as spent oil, oil-soaked cotton waste, used chemical, paint sludge, oil containers, batteries, e-waste paint residues, zinc and EffluentTreatment Plant (ETP) Sludge is disposed of through Government approved recyclers and re-refiners.
  • The Electronic waste (e-waste) is disposed off through authorised vendors, as per the statutory requirements and waste management methodologies.
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