Minds that accelerate India’s progress

minds that accelerate indias progress

Hello everyone,
I am often asked the question ‘what does being a technology EPC company mean?. There has been a lot of discussion around this topic, especially in Tata Projects, as part of our transformation project, ‘Phoenix’. I thought, what better time than Engineer’s Day to share my thoughts on this topic.

India has led the technology space

Since time immemorial, India has been surprising the world with its engineering marvels. Be it with the world-famous Kailasa temple at Ellora Caves -a Reverse Engineering 8th century marvel which was chiseled using the top-down approach or the paradise on earth – the Taj Mahal or the hanging pillar temples at Lepakshi or Moodbidri. In terms of engineering and technological progress, India has grown by leaps and bounds in the modern age, starting from the first industrial revolution, the economic liberalization to the IT sector boom, and the current digital transformation. With every economic cycle, our competencies, leading-edge innovations, and skill sets have been on the rise.


Digital technologies – An important cog in infrastructure development

Sadly, the construction industry is at the bottom of the list of industries which has adapted to the digital revolution (only agriculture is behind us).This provides us with a significant opportunity to rediscover ourselves and move up the value chain.

While this industry in India believes we have a lot of physical manpower available to deploy at our construction sites the reality is that there is a shortage of manpower and the gap between requirement and availability will only grow. Digital technology has the ability to address this problem by integrating the technical requirements of a project with resource-based project plan which can ensure better predictability an improved productivity at our sites.


While physical infrastructure is what we can see around us, the new age digital technologies work silently at the backend and make a significant difference with simplified processes, speed, and agility. It is fascinating sometimes to see how technology has evolved over the period. Some common instances are the soaring high drones and heli-cranes, quantum computing, 3D and 4D designing, 3D printing and predictive softwares such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) to name a few.


Tata Projects is building the India of tomorrow, today

Tata Projects is partnering the government’s efforts in infrastructure development and nation-building with projects of national importance such as the New Parliament building or Asia’s largest airport at Jewar. Our development of ISRO’s upcoming Trisonic blowdown wind tunnel project is one such complex project, which will win widespread acclaim for India by providing a groundbreaking real-time testing facility. With technical advice from experts from the University of Minnesota and IIT, Bombay, we also developed India’s first smog towers in Delhi which will reduce India’s urban air pollution problem. Equally fascinating is the 180 Mtrs span Orthotropic Steel deck on our MTHL Project.


At Tata Projects, we work with a mission to make the world a more efficient, prosperous, and safer place by providing sustainable engineering & construction projects and technology services.


In conclusion, I wish all my fellow engineers a very Happy Engineer’s Day and appeal them to work towards propelling India to newer heights, with innovative usage of technology.


Thank you,


Vinayak Pai,
Managing Director,
Tata Projects Limited
Simplify. Create.

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